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Ferrari launches it's first in-house fashion collection

On Sunday Ferrari stepped up a gear to make its debut on a circuit so fast-moving and cutthroat it makes F1 look restrained: the fashion circuit.

The iconic super-car maker rolled out its first in-house fashion collection, offering fans of the Ferrari brand and its super-cars a touch of "couture" within a contemporary clothing range.

The launch marks a major step in Ferrari's new brand strategy, one of its biggest investments outside the car business, which the company wants to account for around 10% of the profits in 7 to 10 years.

Ferrari's plans to extend its brand to also include a new restaurant in hometown Maranello in northern Italy with Michelin-starred chef Massimo Bottura.

The collection, designed by creative director and former Armani designer Rocco Iannone, were was exhibited at the Ferrari plant in Maranello, with a catwalk set up on the assembly line for the "Prancing Horse" V12 sports cars, such as the new 812 Competizione.

"We want to attract young people and women," Iannone said. "Our targets are not just those who buy a Ferrari but also those who have awareness of the brand and of its values," he said.

Furthermore, as this collection was launched, Ferrari simultaneously debuted a serene, terra-cotta-clad retail concept overseen by Simon Mitchell of London’s Sybarite, and reopened Cavallino, the Maranello restaurant that was originally Ferrari’s staff canteen, under the directorship of Modena-based superchef Massimo Bottura and the Paris-based architect India Mahdavi. As Ferrari’s chief brand diversification officer Nicola Boari said, the aim is “to build a bridge to a wider audience.”

Even on its home turf, Ferrari is embracing change: It will launch an SUV this year, before debuting its first all-electric vehicle in 2025. Fashion-wise, Iannone’s decision to size his collection from XXXS to XXXL was another indication that Ferrari is attempting to alter the aerodynamics of its perception in order to broaden its appeal and adapt to changing, 21st-century tastes.

Would you buy clothes from Ferrari? Let us know in the comments.

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