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How Dubai Based Artist Faxon is Planning to Take over the Fashion Industry

Faxon, a multifaceted fashion designer, artist, and creative visionary. Together with his partners, he is swiftly establishing a notable presence in both the fashion and art spheres with his distinctive and captivating designs.

Faxon made the bold move to Dubai at the tender age of 16, igniting his journey towards realizing his passion for fashion. Now, with the launch of Faxon Labs and Construction Boyz, he is poised to leave an indelible mark by creating standout fashion pieces that reflect his unique perspective and life experiences.

Join us as we discusses Faxon's initial foray into fashion, the intricacies of building a brand from the ground up in Dubai, and much more.

What was your first interaction with art?

I would say my first interaction was through music. I was in school in Nigeria, we didn’t have constant power and it's really sad that it's still the case now. So, I remember rushing back home after school closed hoping there will be power so I could watch MTV base or Cartoon Network. Of course, back then I didn’t realize that that it was art, that there's a team behind it. But I just deeply enjoyed it as it transported me into their world but, like clockwork, the power was almost never on when we came back from school, but rather when we were at school. Regardless, whenever I was lucky to catch it, I was always excited to catch up on the latest music videos or cartoons.

What does fashion mean to you?

I'm not in the business of fashion, I'm in the business of passion, and passion is that you enjoy doing something as a form of expression or an escape. I don’t make clothes, I make pieces, anyone can make clothes. Just as a canvas is nothing more than a piece of cloth until the artist expresses on it, my pieces are the same. They are an extension of me, my experiences, my expression and each piece I have made is attached to a moment of time and experience. Whether Good or bad and that doesn’t end on the fabrics, it extends to the furniture and sets I design.

When did you know that it's what you want to do for a living?

I didn’t, it was my escape from the trap days, the OGs know it and probably still have pictures of my first ever design. It was an orange prison jumpsuit with high neck, a chain and padlock on the neck with a chain strap connected to the sleeves, it was called “CIC.” I designed it as a joint and translated to crazy is contagious. I didn't know what I was doing then, and that piece was never brought to life. But fast forward 2 years later, when covid hit in 2020, I made my first official piece, which was of course a mask. But not just any mask, it was a double entendre, double sided mask called "20-20 can’t breathe", the “k” being a crown 👑.

Which artists/designers inspire you the most?

GOD, he is the best artist, designer, scientist. I mean just look at the clouds for an example or the soul, it is an imperfect perfection.

What made you want to start your brand “Construction Boyz” and what is the meaning behind it?

Construction Boyz is a brotherhood, a family in an ever evolving, ever constructing, diverse city of Dubai. Just like any family, I alone didn’t start Construction Boyz, I am the most stubborn and persistent in the family. But before art or business, it is a family. Moving and growing up alone in Dubai from the age of 16 away from family was tough, but with brothers like mine, life is always good and we are constructing the new world order.

How did you come to develop your style?

What style? I don't have a style; I feel like the idea of style puts me in a box. I am a Chameleon, forever changing colors, learning, unlearning, curious and forever changing form like mercury. I always want to experiment with things I don't know so I can learn. I believe I am the new Davinci, see Construction Boyz is my sword, my wrath and Faxon Labz is my shield, my peace.

Being that you come from a background rich in culture, do you see yourself incorporating elements of Nigerian/West African culture in your work?

First of all, I am a proud Naija boy, and in terms of incorporating my culture in my art, I do, but you have to pay attention to see it. My lab Faxon Labz is heavily inspired by Nigerian culture. From the logo to the art and the designs. However, I am inspired by a lot of other things as well. American hip hop, UK culture and more importantly the culture here in the Middle East. Culture is a united, agreed upon idea or way of life, and my art speaks not just to African humans but all human beings.

What’s your experience like building a fashion brand from scratch in Dubai?

Building anything worthy in Dubai is super expensive and challenging, especially when you’re starting with zero professional knowledge and connections. I spent at least 13 months and a lot of money travelling from Dubai to Sharjah to Ajman to RAK, looking at tailors, factories, fabric suppliers, researching and experimenting on my pieces and on my craft. But now, it is paying off because all that knowledge, time and money spent helps me help people starting their brands with the construction of their pieces without them having to go through all that hassle.

Though most factories here are limited to the basic machineries, my search still goes on and InshaAllah, we will have a Construction BoyZ factory in the near future with all the high-end machinery around the world making everything locally.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Global. I see myself as a globally renowned artist and businessman. I see myself on the Forbes list, BOF, Vogue and all that. As for construction boyz, I see us having revered establishments in the Middle East, Africa and across the world. I also see Faxon Labz being an in-house, well-equipped lab for the youngins to practice their craft.

From the beginning of your journey until now, what are the 3 most important things you’ve learned?

Only 3 things are tough, but I will sum it up to three Phrases.

Persistence in phases, deflect fine and never quit but don’t kill yourself. I believe the other two are self-explanatory, but I will explain deflect fine, it basically breaks down how to detach, reflect and refine.

Deflect fine is a system I use and have recommended to others, it works best when things are chaotic or if you are facing a block as an artist and I believe we all need it once in a while. Detach, Reflect and Refine.

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