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Saudi Fashion: 10 Designers to Look Out for Before the End of The Year

Saudi Arabia's fashion scene is experiencing a transformative wave, with a group of talented designers reshaping the industry. These creative minds are not only breaking boundaries but also weaving traditional influences into contemporary designs. In 2023, supporting Saudi designers means endorsing innovation, cultural richness, and sustainable fashion. Here are 10 Saudi designers poised to make waves this year.

Lulu Al-Hasan

Lulu Al-Hasan, a Saudi shoe designer, entrepreneur, and social influencer, is making waves in the fashion scene. As the founder of Lulu Al Hassan, her brand is synonymous with unique and stylish footwear. Lulu's deep passion for shoes is evident in her diverse range of designs, seamlessly blending comfort with high fashion. Beyond her entrepreneurial pursuits, she curates a blog titled "Lulu’s Hub," where she generously shares her insights on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

Nora Al-Sheikh

For nearly a decade, this designer based in Jeddah has been immersed in the fashion industry, skillfully blending her Saudi heritage and traditions with the influences gathered from her travels abroad. Drawing inspiration from diverse sources such as architecture, art installations, and the vibrant individuals she encounters on city streets, Nora infuses a delightful and distinctly feminine touch into her creations. It's precisely this unique combination of joyfulness and style that lands her a spot on our list of favorite Saudi fashion brands to explore.

Razan Alazzouni

Renowned for drawing inspiration from the realms of art and sculpture, Razan is a designer who thrives on the intricacies when envisioning her stunning creations. Whether it's crafting exquisite hand-embroidered gowns with floral motifs or designing chic off-the-shoulder maxi dresses, this Saudi designer captivates us with an irresistible allure. The attention to detail is evident in every piece, making Razan a designer we simply can't get enough of.

Mohammed Ashi

Ashi Studio, a globally acclaimed couture house, stands as a symbol of empowerment and elegance. Founder and designer Mohammed Ashi has draped some of the most influential names in the industry, including Beyoncé, Cardi B, and Ciara. Renowned for his distinctive statement pieces, Mohammed Ashi's creations are a breathtaking declaration of his profound passion for the craft. Each piece from Ashi Studio is not merely clothing; it is a standalone masterpiece, a testament to the fabulous artistry that defines Mohammed's work.

Shahd AlShehail

Established by Saudi Arabian designer Shahd AlShehail, this brand is distinguished for its unwavering dedication to upholding the rich craftsmanship of the Arabian Peninsula. This commitment is prominently displayed through the brand's steadfast and ongoing partnerships with the artisan community.

Yousef Akbar

Initiated in 2017 by Yousef Akbar, this brand's designs go beyond mere aesthetics; they weave a narrative that taps into the emotional undercurrents of everyday life. Akbar's approach is not only creative but also sustainable, as he utilizes recycled and upcycled materials in his creations. Additionally, the brand actively supports local artisans in small communities across the Middle East and around the world.

Sarah Faisal

Crafted with a generous infusion of love and luxury, Sarah Faisal's handbags are meticulously handmade from Italian leather. This exquisite fusion seamlessly marries European style with the hallmark of Saudi excellence.

Nouran Nazer

Former Jeddah-based banker turned fashion designer, Nouran Nazer, stepped into the fashion scene with the launch of her brand, Aspect Doré, in 2019. Her mission: to craft pieces that exude versatility and playfulness. Nouran's journey as a designer commenced a decade ago upon her return to Jeddah after earning an engineering degree. Observing what she perceived as a lack of "creativity and style," she began designing informally. In 2014, she took her passion to the next level, relocating to London to study fashion styling at the London College of Fashion. It was there that she found her design voice, mastering the fundamentals to bring garments to life in alignment with her vision.

Nouran's collections showcase her mastery of various elements, including corseting, sheer textiles such as silk tulles and lace, and patent leathers. With a deliberate curation, she aspires to manifest garments that feel like armor, empowering and celebrating the femininity of those who wear them.

Saud Alajaji

The fusion of cultural and global perspectives has been a catalyst for innovation and creative evolution. Riyadh-based designer Saud Alajaji embarked on this journey with his brand, Mazrood, taking flight in 2018. His venture into the world of fashion commenced in New York, where he pursued studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology. In addition to acquiring knowledge in pattern making, fabrication, and textile application, Alajaji fostered collaborative relationships with fellow designers and creatives.

This collaborative spirit bore fruit as Mazrood unveiled a collection of jersey and nylon technical streetwear in partnership with a New York-based material designer. This collaboration not only propelled the brand forward locally but also garnered attention regionally. Mazrood continued to expand its reach through collaborations with the Al-Ula festival, creating customized merchandise, and establishing a presence at the Personage store. This strategic mobilization solidified Mazrood's footprint across the Kingdom.

Deema Turki

In a realm where couture seamlessly intertwines with ready-to-wear, Deema Turki's clothing brand emerges as a celebration of lightweight fabrics, sherbet shades, and reminiscent moments of sun-drenched strolls along the French Riviera. Based in Jeddah, this designer diverges from conventional silhouettes, opting instead for a bold approach with pops of color and the incorporation of unique materials in her designs.

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